Get It Studio is a Swiss-based duo by creatives Sandra Golay and Alexandre Armand.


Inspired by fashion, product design, natural shapes, or even architecture, we love to craft unique visual experiences using our favorite medium, 3D tools. We carefully design each element and develop tailor-made solutions, from idea to production, to unveil a new brand, launch a product or explain a concept. 

We both have an insatiable curiosity for exploring new visual territories, and we always want to challenge ourselves and experiment with new techniques to create high-quality, eye-catching imagery.

Our work is playful, uplifting, and always filled with emotion; together, we are Get It Studio, since 2017.

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We are represented in France by Creasenso


Creative & Art direction
Concept Development  
Look Development
Digital Art 

Still Life Images
Brand Visual Content
3D Typography

Animation & Loops 
Motion Design 
AR Filters

Interested in working together?
Get in touch!